Review – Warhammer 40000 – Dawn of War 2

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  • Good day,

    I am writing in English, although I am from Germany, but I think that everyone should get the possibility to understand what I am writing!
    I still remember the beginnings of Warhammer 40K and I must say that I began to play with figures, called SpaceMarines!
    The computer game was another revolution of the implementation of the “board game”( I think you what I mean)!
    While you are playing you get several weapons and items and you get to know many ways to reach your aim- the final boss ;-)!
    Through the establishment of the game in the popular Warhammer 40K universe, it quickly reached a popular high level!
    The reviews by gaming magazines were largely positive.
    The only negative criticisms were partiuclarly bad path of the bigger units and no more contemporary AI!
    Despite these errors, which also the atmosphere and game mechanics do not abort, the became popular all over the world!

    I would therefore recommend that, you have to buy that fantastic game!

    Thank you